Wiperstick© Wedge Ice Scraper orange + set of 3 Wipersticks©


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Wiperstick© Wedge Ice Scraper, the one and only Ergonomic Ice Scraper.

Super easy to use and time saving. Remove ice from your car windows 30% faster than with traditional Ice Scrapers.

Wiperstick© Wedge Ice Scraper + set of 3 Wipersticks©

Frozen wipers? Wiperstick is the solution!

Wipersticks© are little clips that keep your wipers free of the windshield. Your wipers will never freeze on your windshield again. Because their unique design, they can be placed under any brand wiper for each make of car.

  • No sticking wipers anymore
  • Easy to place and remove
  • Stable mounting
  • Convenient and durable


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